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League Cup Final report submitted by  Edna Fletcher on 17/10/14

The final of the League Cup was held at the Gt Yarmouth Conservative Club and contested by Kings  “A” and Donic Demons- the Donics were unable to field a third player thus putting great pressure on Joseph and Jacob Goss.

They started their task with two good victories against Lewis Carby and Curtis Beales playing clever shots and portraying excellent footwork.

Joseph then came up against Mike Woods and found his style a stumbling block going down 21 – 20 in the second. Back bounced the Donics with Joseph claiming victory in two against Lewis in two straight - could the youngsters keep the momentum going?

The fifth game was vital- Joseph took the first set but Curtis battled back to take the next two at 21 – 20 /  21 – 19.

Jacob gained victory over Mike at  21 – 19 in the third.

Final score – KINGS “A”  5     Donic Demons  4

An excellent match - but the Donics must take the plaudits for the way in which they pushed Kings all the way with some aggressive, attacking and entertaining table tennis. 

Next tournament is the Autumn November handicap on Thursday November 20th .Entries please by Sunday 16th to the Tournament Officer.


League Cup report submitted by  Edna Fletcher on 14/10/14

The Final of the League Cup will be played on THURSDAY  16th October at the Yarmouth Conservative Club. 

Kings “A” with only two players battled their way to victory against the Yarcons Police and will meet Donic Demons who gained victory over Yarcons “A”.

KINGS TABLE TENNIS CLUB: Notice added on 14/10/14

Important notice:
There will be NO Kings Table Tennis Club meeting on Thursday 16/10/14 because the venue is being prepared a large meeting on the following day.
Kings Table Tennis Club will meet again on Thursday 23/10/14. 7.00 – 9.30pm.
Any queries: Please ask Peter Smith.

League Cup report submitted by  Edna Fletcher on 12/10/14

Final League Cup results and placings.

Mill Lane                     3    St Johns                6

ENSFC “C”                5    St Johns                4     
Gorl Cons                   0    Donic Demons     9

Yarcon Dynamos       2    Yarcon Police       7

Kings C                       0    Coll Exiles             9

Cliff Park Underdogs 5    Kings   “A”            4

Mill Lane Exiles          4    Yarcon A               5 

Donic Demons were runaway winners of Group A.
Police just pipped Reedham Eagles in Group B.

KINGS A won Group C chased by College Exiles.
Yarcon A won Group D followed by Mill Lane Exiles. 

Donic Demons, Kings “A”, Yarcon “A” and Yarcon Police will Contest the Semi-Finals on Tuesday  14th October at the Gt Yarmouth Cons Club – 7.30pm start. 

Entries to Tournament Officer by SUNDAY NOVEMBER 16th please.

Notice submitted by Chris Durrant on 30/09/14

I advise that the Cliff Park Yorkies team have withdrawn from the League.  Please advise your players & amend your Fixture Schedule accordingly. 

Norfolk Junior Championships held on Saturday 27th September 2014

Congratulations to the following players who were successful in their events. In particular, Bradley Burgess, Alfie Nicholls, Jacob Goss and Joseph Goss who play in the Great Yarmouth & District Table Tennis league. 

Boys                            Winner                         Runner Up 

Under 11                Bradley Burgess                Lewis Ross 

Under 13                Alfie Nicholls                     Cameron Verney 

Under 15                Nathan Downes                 Alfie Nicholls 

Under 18                Nathan Downes                 Jacob Goss 


Under 11                Ella Rose Barnard               Carrie Last 

Under 13                Mollie Patterson                  Carrie Last 

Under 15                Mollie Patterson                  Carrie Last

Open Doubles        Jacob and Joseph Goss        Nathan Downes / Mollie Patterson

League Cup report submitted by  Edna Fletcher on 25/09/14

Gorl Cons                    4             E N S F Coll “C”   5

Donic Demons            8            Mill Lane               1

Reedham Eagles        6           Yarcon Dynamos  3

Cliff Park Underdogs  2            Kings   D              7

Kings  A                       7            Kings  C                2

GCX                             3            Mill Lane Exiles    6

Group A  Donic are in top place / Group B= Reedham Eagles / Group  C  = Kings  D / Group  D = Yarcon A

League Cup report submitted by  Edna Fletcher on 17/09/14

St Johns                         1      Donic Demons       8

East Norf.College ‘C’    2     Mill Lane                  7

Yarcon Police                6     Reedham Eagles    3

Yarcon Telecom           5     Yarcon Dynamos     4

Yarcon Col Exiles         4     Kings ‘A’                  5

Kings ‘D‘                       7     Kings ‘C’                  2

Yarcon A                       8     GCX                         1

Yarcon A                       6     Kings ‘B’                  3

Mill Lane Col Exiles      6     Kings ‘B’                 3 

Notice to all Secretaries and Players: Submitted by Ryan Moore on 11/09/14  
Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control, both Cliff Park Teams have notified the committee today that due to venue restrictions effecting their home night of Monday they will have to change nights to a Tuesday, effective immediately. Cliff Park also requires visiting teams to arrive by 7.00pm and to start the matches by 7.15pm. Please will all secretaries take note of this change and inform their players accordingly, although notification will be sent out via email as well. This change was received after the handbooks went to print therefore is now incorrect as printed.

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essage received from Table Tennis England on 24/06/14

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Table Tennis England's statement about the new plastic balls. Click on the following link:: Plastic Ball Statement
For this coming season GYDTTL are able to use the original cellulose balls but the following season (2015/16) we will have to use the new plastic balls. It is therefore best for players to buy just enough balls for this coming season.

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