Introduction to the Great Yarmouth & District Table Tennis League (GYDTTL)

The Great Yarmouth & District Table Tennis League (GYDTTL) was established on October 20th 1931 and exists to promote Table Tennis and to provide competitive Table Tennis in and within a 10 mile radius of Great Yarmouth and to encourage table tennis generally.

For the 2013 / 14 season the league consisted of 22 teams in 3 Divisions - 8 in Premier League, 8 in Division One and 6 in Division Two.

The league season commences in September and finishes in April each year. As well as the league fixtures there are also various Tournaments and Competitions during the season.

The Great Yarmouth & District Table Tennis League (GYDTTL) is affiliated to the English Table Tennis Association (ETTA) and all league matches are played 11up. Tournaments during the season may either be 11up or 21up.

Over the next few years we would like to increase the number of junior players, adult players, teams and venues and encourage new adult and junior players to enter the league. We really want to hear from you if you are interested in playing League Table Tennis. Teams are requested to register before the end of June for the season commencing in September. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the league or to find out more details.

If you would like to play table tennis and improve your standard of play, a list of playing venues for league and non-league players is available by clicking the link Playing Venues.  The Great Yarmouth Table Tennis League welcome all new players who wish to play League Table Tennis.

If any players know of possible new playing venues for practice or league matches, please inform Edna Fletcher on 01493 667440 or the webmaster Peter Smith giving details, so that the venue can be added to this website.

To find out more, including details of how to set up a team and venues to get playing. Please view our FAQs .

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Registration for 2014/15 Table Tennis Season

New players are always welcome to participate in the
Great Yarmouth & District Table Tennis League (GYDTTL) during the season. Please contact us for more information.  Contact Us or enquire at one of the playing venues below on the appropriate playing time.

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Notice submitted by Chris Durrant on 28/07/14

As attendees at the recent AGM will recall, the accounts presented for approval were interim, there being outstanding information at the time. The accounts are now finalised, examined & approved. Should a member wish to see a copy of these accounts they may make application to the League Treasurer.

Notice submitted by Chris Durrant on 19/07/14

There’s not much time left to get in registrations for the coming year! Even if you may struggle to get me the paperwork in time for the 28th, let me know if you are DEFINITELY submitting a team & we can include it for the coming season. Alternatively, if you are definitely NOT submitting a team then let us know also, so that we can proceed with certainty we are not missing you out.

essage received from Table Tennis England on 24/06/14

To download
Table Tennis England's statement about the new plastic balls. Click on the following link:: Plastic Ball Statement

For this coming season GYDTTL are able to use the original cellulose balls but the following season (2015/16) we will have to use the new plastic balls. It is therefore best for players to buy just enough balls for this coming season.

Team & Player Registration Forms submitted by Chris Durrant on 08/06/14

Team & Player Registration Forms
applicable GYCC teams using League equipment . Click on the following link Registration Form for GYCC Teams

Standard Team & Player Registration Forms for all other teams. Click on the following link Standard Registration Form

Please send team and player registration forms and payments to Chris Durrant who will act as custodian for all registrations until a new treasurer is appointed.

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I would be interested in including profiles from other players / past players who have made a contribution to the Great Yarmouth & District Table Tennis League (GYDTTL) as well as the young juniors who are doing so well at the moment. Profiles of the juniors can be submitted for inclusion in the Great Yarmouth Mercury.

I would like the profiles to keep to the subject of Table Tennis and not digress and be an encouragement to present players and future players who might be interested in starting to play Table Tennis. Profiles should include name and age and be typed using Word or Wordpad and be as short as you like but no larger than A4 size. Please email to Peter Smith - Webmaster.


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